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The Email Game During the Busiest Week of the Year

27 Nov 2020 4:39 PM | Samantha Metzroth

The world of sports has its milestone events that span the corners of the globe, from Wimbledon to the Super Bowl, the Tour de France and eSports featuring the League of Legends World Championship to the Overwatch World Cup.

In a year that has reshaped the very nature of all that was and has been, the world’s largest sports gathering since March 2020, has been the State of Origin rugby league match held in Brisbane, Australia, with 52,500 fans cheering on a glorified version of gridiron (without the armour).

So, what does a pandemic-defined 2020 mean for retail’s biggest week of the year? Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving traditionally see consumers flock to their favourite stores to take advantage of sales frenzies, with retailers staffing their stores to accommodate the throngs of people. 

The retail space has changed in 2020, as brands accommodate a “from our store, now to your door” approach, while others have capitalised on established e-commerce models, to engage with consumers digitally. 

Driving the traffic, be it in-store or online, are the email strategists, marketers, designers, coders and analysts, who are living their very own Wimbledon or Superbowl, in one of the busiest and craziest weeks of the year.

Email has proven its worth as the leading digital channel with a $42 ROI for every dollar spent, in a year that has seen email traffic increase at an exponential rate, not only for retailers, but for all B2B and B2C industries needing to engage with their customers.

It is difficult for email geeks to penetrate the noise of a post-election, pandemic-plagued inbox in 2020’s Black Friday Week, but it is achievable. Here’s how:

  1. Avoid trigger words like ‘unprecedented’. It’s November people! The precedent has been set and we’re still ploughing through it (if this doesn’t become 2020’s most-used word of the year, I’ll be surprised).

  2. Spam … don’t be that brand. Check your cadences and suppress other campaigns so your audiences get the most relevant and timely message for your campaign.  

  3. Value exchange – we all love a good discount! However, empathise – not everyone can afford to buy at the moment. Why not offer an extended promotional period instead?

  4. Be authentic to your brand. Don’t be what you’re not. Keep your messaging true to you. Have a theme, sure, but the codification of your design and copy should be a reflection of the relationship you’ve built with your customer.

  5. Be realistic – your analytics are going to be different from last year, as will be the gross profit on sales. 

So next time you check your inbox, spare a thought for the athletes of the email game, but also the behind-the-scenes water runners, trainers, and coaches, that deliver the action of your favourite brands’ to your mobile or desktop.

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